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About The Bee School
The Bee School operates as a Non-Profit resource.
Our certified instructors help individuals become successful beekeepers.  
The class room setting is informal, uses state of the art audio-visual,
and provides hands-on in-hive apiary experience.

We offer instruction for central Piedmont North Carolina and
southern Virginia areas surrounding
Pittsylvania and Halifax Counties.
Our location is in rural Caswell County North Carolina,
just a few miles south of Danville, VA.

Environmental expertise includes CNG and Organic beekeeping.
Custom instruction for individuals.
Located in Blanch, NC

Interactive Location Map

  NC Apiary Inspection Program               
  Master Beekeepers Program NCSBA               
  Orange County Beekeepers Association              
  NC Department of Agriculture                      
We rely on many professional resource individuals and institutions to help keep our instruction information current and accurate. Some of these resources are:

About Us

The Bee School Curriculum

This instruction offers a comprehensive program in sustainable small-scale organic and urban beekeeping. We provide emphasis on hands on learning and classroom instruction.  The program goals are:

 to teach best practices to beginners,

 to reinvigorate experienced beekeepers,

 to offer opportunities and experiences which promote higher-level hive management and practices.

The Honey Bee Colony

 A honey bee colony, often referred to as a hive, is comprised of many thousands of individual insects, each carrying out a function that may appear as random and disconnected from the whole. However, through a complex combination of behavior, environment, and communication between all the bees, the colony forms a super organism that is greater than any of its parts.  As a super organism, colony behaves in temperament and behavior much like a mammal.  That fact, plus their unique growth pattern and population dynamics throughout the year, makes understanding and managing honeybees both fascinating and challenging.

Is The Bee School Right for You?

 If you are curious about the natural world and want to take a guided journey into the amazing life of honeybees or desire to understand the complexities of pollination and pollinators, then this course is right for you.  You do not need to be a beekeeper to learn about honeybees or to appreciate their amazing abilities, or to acquire a tremendous amount of knowledge from taking this program.

 Whether you know very little about bees, but want to take up the craft or are already an experienced beekeeper, the Bee School emphasizes good apicultural practices to get you started correctly or to renew your commitment to beekeeping excellence.

The Bee School offers training, the skill set, and the chance to refine your knowledge and understanding through an integrated hands-on learning environment with an available program of organic and sustainable beekeeping.